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Cafetto Cafetto Tevo Tablets Maxi 2.5g


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Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets - designed to safely and effectively remove coffee oils and residues.

Designed for: 3-way valve professional espresso machines

Details: 2.5g tablet

OMRI Listed for use in organic systems

Registered with the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) for use with organic coffee.

Phosphate free, biodegradable and GMO free.

Registered to NSF standard P152.

Step by Step Demonstration of how to use:

Directions for back-flushing each brew group:

- Remove coffee filter from group handle, and replace with blind filter.

- Add one Tevo Maxi Cleaning Tablet into the group handle and insert as if brewing espresso.

- Start cycle and allow to run for 10 seconds to dissolve cleaner.

- Stop cycle and allow to sit for 10 seconds.

- Start and stop cycle 6 more times - run for 10, stop for 10 seconds.

- Remove the group handle and rinse well under stream of water from brew group. Turn off.

- Re-insert handle with blind filter, start and stop cycle 10 times - run for 5, stop for 2 seconds to ensure thorough rinsing. Remove blind filter and insert regular filter.

- Brew and discard a single espresso shot to re-season machine.

To clean filters and group handles:

- Dissolve two Tevo Maxi Cleaning Tablets in 500ml of hot water from the machine's boiler. Soak group handles and filters for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly in running hot water.

Click here to see the Safety Data Sheet for this product.

    Cafetto Cafetto Tevo Tablets Maxi 2.5g
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