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Cafflano Kompresso Espresso Maker


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The Cafflano Kompresso -- a combination of the two words 'compress' and 'espresso' -- is the world's most compact and lightest portable espresso maker. It uses a hydraulic compression system to boost the force of extraction, which creates a delicious, smooth espresso!

Most portable espresso makers on the market use a manual pneumatic compression design, an air-pump type compression. In many cases, this type of system is unable to retain the necessary high pressure throughout the entire extraction process. The hydraulic compression system used for the Cafflano Kompresso uses hot water instead of air, which can consistently amplify force to achieve over 9 bars of pressure, and a full-bodied espresso.


- Hydraulic water compression

- Unique compression model design

- Consistent high pressure over 9 bars

- Lightweight, compact, and durable (less than 200g / 17cm x 10cm)

- Easy to use and clean

- No need for replacement filters

- Capacity: 15g basket & 80ml water


- Piston

- Chamber

- Filter Basket

- Shower Screen

- Tamping Scoop

- Cup


1. Detach Piston and Chamber. Detach Filter Basket.
2. Use the Tamping Scoop to place ground coffee (10-15g) into Filter Basket.
3. Tamp the ground coffee.
4. Place the Shower Screen on top of the Filter Basket.
5. Replace Chamber by twisting it onto the top of the Filter Basket.
6. Replace the Cup on the bottom of the unit. Add 40-50ml of hot water to the Chamber.
7. Replace the Piston onto the Chamber and gently press down on the handles for 25-30 seconds.
8. Enjoy your espresso!


1. Detach Basket Filter. 
2. Remove puck from Basket Filter by tapping into a knock box, bin, or sink. 
3. Rinse Basket Filter and Cup in hot water or wipe clean with a paper towel. 
4. Continue making delicious espresso.

    Cafflano Kompresso Espresso Maker
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