Juggler Cafe Milk Tap System


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The Juggler Cafe Milk Tap System

The Juggler is a chilled milk dispensing system designed for cafes. It speeds up service, reduces waste and helps you focus on what really matters; the coffee and the customer. These machines are made to order, please contact us before ordering/




  • Milk for The Juggler is delivered in 10 litre compatible bladders. Load them into the chiller and they automatically connect to the dispensing system.

  • A sensor in each tap detects the size of the jug being used and triggers the appropriate preset dose of milk. Programming multiple dose settings for your small, medium and large jugs is as easy as adjusting the volume on a stereo.

  • The Juggler is fast to load, intuitive to use and easy to clean. It helps streamline the coffee making process and speeds up service. Time-saving features include hands-free volumetric dosing which enables a barista to continue with other tasks while the dose is automatically poured.

  • The Juggler is available with either a single or double tap and with a one, two or three door chiller.

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