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Some Unique Features Of Ascaso Coffee Machines You Must Know!

Ascaso coffee machines are extremely popular not only for their amazing looks but also for their functionality! Sure, it has a simple design, yet has elegance and class in its look. It is also easy to use. This coffee machine also comes with lots of features that make it easier to prepare different types of coffee. This machine includes both pressurized and non-pressurized pod baskets to adapt to anybody’s barista expertise.

Ascaso coffee machines aren’t only user-friendly but also affordable. If you are a new barista in search of a beginner-friendly semi-automatic espresso machine, Ascaso coffee machines are at the correct price point for the features packed in this machine.

Modernized Boiler Design

Unlike other coffee machines, the heating element here wouldn’t burn out frequently enough. Ascaso espresso machines come equipped with a thermo block boiler which helps in preventing burnout.

But, there is another cause why people are in love with the new thermo block upgrade that is its fast start up time. Also, the thermo block fast heats water on the fly for brewing macchiatos and lattes in some minutes. When you listen to the tell-tale sound, the thermo block is engaged and prepared to go!

Definitely, with a thermo block, it is recommended to steam and then brew as you cannot instantaneously do both. With any kind of thermo block boiler, you will need to “temperature surf” to decrease the temperature for keeping from boiling your coffee!

The thermoblock rapidly heats & cools for making the process simpler. It has an aluminium stainless steel-lined thermoblock. So, water does not come in touch with aluminium.

An Entry-Level Coffee Machine

This is very practical to choose this coffee machine when looking for the first semi-automatic espresso machine of your life. This has been a famous choice among budget-focused or new baristas.

This machine is compact, easy to use and affordable. Its controls are restricted to an instinctive on/off button, steam button, brew button and the side-mounted steam knob. There is barely any learning curve for operating the coffee machine! And speaking functionally, Ascaso coffee machines have user-friendly characteristics built right into the coffee machine.

One of the characteristics is the 3-way solenoid valve which releases pressure from the portafilter. It assists in stopping the classic “portafilter sneeze,” where coffee grounds mainly explode when you turn the portafilter off.

Accessories For Growing Baristas

One of the characteristics you should not oversee when purchasing a semi-automatic espresso machine is the accessories that come with it. Equipped with pressurized, non-pressurized and pod baskets, this machine has every accessory that makes it simple to improve your method. And with the pod adapter, anybody in the family may brew a cup of coffee without any hassle!

The Bottom Line

Ascaso coffee machines are a great choice for those who are looking for a wonderful coffee machine at an affordable price. If you are one of them, visit a reputed online shop today for getting this machine. The features mentioned above are the main reasons why it has become so popular among people.

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