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ECM Technika V Profi PID
Francis Pluschke
Great machine

This is my first true espresso machine, and using it the last few weeks has been a blast. Was easy to setup, build quality is solid. Temperature is very stable and I've had no issues, even the very first shot I pulled was great. Steam is very good but my latte art is not, but this machine will last a long time so I have plenty of time to practice!

Great coffee

The coffee pods are perfect. The free mug set was a fabulous bonus. Easy to order and delivered when promised to my door . Great service!

The website is confusing. I thought I had ordered a shower screen and seal however only the shower screen arrived. On looking at the website again I can see why, however it is very unclear.

Precision Bella
Eugene Campbell

Love this machine, poors a great coffee, more then enought steam pressure.
The only thing i can say bad about it is the steam wand being on the right hand side, theres just to much going on on that side. but maybe able to switch it around i dont know. but for the price yes.

Best little coffee grinder!

I've put off buying an electric grinder for years because they always seemed so large! I just kept going with the hand grinder. But the Precision GS2 (espresso) provides fantastic quality, is the perfect size, and looks great as well. Plus the response time from Di Pacci was amazing.

Love the starter pack! Very happy

ECM 4 Hole Steam Tip

4 hole compare to 2 hole are much quick and better for use, it is excellent. Suggest for all ECM machine user.

Excellent grinder

First, a beautiful piece of equipment. Not heavy like many other grinders, so easy to lift and store in cupboard as we don't have a lot of bench space. Very simple operation, consistent grind size but have only used it for a few days so still working on achieving the perfect grind for expresso.

Moccamaster Classic and Thermal Filter Papers | NO 4

Elements Blend 1kg
Guenter Brook
Elements Blend

Great taste and excellent crema. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to an excellent beverage.

It's Italian

It grinds pretty well. But the design could be better...

The bean hopper can't be (easily) removed - so it's pretty hard to empty any beans out (if you want to swap beans etc).

Also the screw holes inside the bean hopper (the screws you'd need to undo if you wanted to remove the hopper) are the perfect size for coffee beans to get stuck in - really? The designers didn't anticipate coffee beans being put in a coffee grinder?!

I should have got a German grinder ;)

Afterdark Blend 1kg
Suncica Eric

Coffee is very good.
Just what I didn’t like is one of two bags which I order was ripped off and half bag of coffee beans was in a postage bag.

Isomac Professionale
Steven Bailie
Great grinder for home espresso

Prompt delivery. After one month of daily use I am very happy with this grinder. Fine enough grind for home espresso, with subtle grades to suit different blends. Has a discrete footprint on the bench and a stylish reflective metal exterior. Very glad to have this coffee grinder.

Good value zero retention grinder

Good value zero retention grinder for home use. Useful design allows you to use manually measure doses or dose automatically based on the timer.

Great package to get the most out of your home coffee machine

The premium starter pack is great value, providing a good range of items to make the most of your home coffee machine at a reasonable price.

Depth adjuster tamper

Excellent quality, having the ability to adjust the tamper is a great help. Still getting used to it along with the the distributor, with their combination looking forward to perfecting my coffee drinking experience.Thanks for your service

Excellent addition for my coffee experience

PUQ press is very good addition to my coffee experience. I am always getting correct tamping pressure and my coffee is now more consistent.

Repeat customer

Always great to deal with cheers 🍻

Great Grinder

Love the electronic dosing capability. However, the dosage does require slight adjustments to ensure gram weight is consistent each dose.

Good coffee - albeit with some delivery issues ...

I enjoy the Afterdark blend, but unfortunately had some issues with delivery.

To Di Pacci credit, once advised of the issue they were VERY quick to jump on and fix the problem.
Whilst I have "no idea" where the original order disappeared to ... much happier customer now.

4 stars
Coffee = 4 stars
missing/lost delivery = 1 star off
swift response = 1 star gained


excellent blend of coffees

Afterdark Blend 1kg
Ronan Gallagher
Just OK

OK only, would not really want to recommend.

Top product, room for improvement

Fast dispatch & great price ($599 at the time of purchase). I upgraded from a Breville smart grinder Pro. The 270Wi is super fast but noisy. The pause button is slow to respond considering how fast this grinder works, causing a bit of overflow & wastage of grinds that spill onto both sides of the base as the underlying catcher tray isn't as well designed as the Breville smart grinder...but you can't have everything!
No clumps, but wasn't as fluffy as some of the YouTube reviews.
Give it a month to get 'seasoned' before rushing to install the extra shim.

Jaber Almadani
Good price

the shipment was fast

Competitive price and excellent customer service.

Wide range of coffee machines and grinders with competitive price. Good communication. Had few days of research before buying and found them cheaper.

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