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Melitta EPOUR ( PRE-PRDER ETA March 2022 )
RETHINKING FILTER COFFEE. Full aroma development with small and large preparation quantities, intense, but a less bitter taste and hot coffee enjoyment – the Melitta® epour® sets new standards in filter coffee preparation and allows coffee enjoyment at its best....
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Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Pouches - 25 Pack
The Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Pouch is already a very popular product here in Australia. It is a sachet made from non-woven material which when when opened reveals 12g of freshly ground Dipacci Coffee in your favourite blends (Sydney...
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Melitta EPOS ( ETA End of April )
Melitta® EPOS® turns each second into a sensational experience. From the aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans to the first sip. Our first electric Pour Over system, with integrated grinder, makes coffee as delicious as if you brewed it by hand. Simply,...
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Melitta AMANO
POUR OVER AT ITS BEST. Exceptional aesthetics and maximum functionality – your Melitta® AMANO coffee maker brings outstanding design and superior taste together in perfect harmony. Ingenious details that result in the highest taste experience. And with a style like no other....
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Dipacci Coffee Co. Alternative Coffee Brewing Pack
DIPACCI Alternative Coffee Brewing Pack Experience all of our specialty blends with the Dipacci Alternative Brewing Pack! Including our four main blends, Hario V60 Pour Over Kit, Precision GS1 Filter Grinder, Hario V60 Kettle Large, Pezzetti Perculator 3 Cup, AeroPress & Precision...
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