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Syphon with Micro Gas Burner
A German method of brewing coffee, this technique is ideal for any coffee enthusiast wanting to experiment. This TiAmo Syphon is capable of producing a clean coffee with beautiful body and interesting complexity. This method is ideal when brewing high...
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Barista Kit 2
  The most sofisticated professional needs tools to get the job done properly. We have put this kit together for the barista that knows not only how to make a great coffee, but to take care of their equipment to...
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Pick Set 4 Piece
The best Pick Set if you need to remove seals, O rings and other parts of your coffee machine and grinder.
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Pour Over Kit Light
The Pour Over method is a very gentle and efficient method of coffee brewing, providing full clarity of flavour. The main tool is a V01 or V02 ceramic cone with conical grooves to guide the water through the coffee. These...
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