Coffee Sensor E61 Grouphead Thermometer

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e61 Grouphead thermometer

The Coffee Sensor E61 Grouphead Thermometer offers and extra degree of reliability and consistency to your espresso brewing experience. Once installed, the sensor will continue to read the temperature of the water flowing directly from the boiler just before it contact the ground coffee. 

The ideal coffee brewing temperature (88°c - 94°c) whilst still a range, having the sensor available to display the current temperature in the group head accurately to 0.1°c means you'll be able to achieve delicious results time and time again.

Everything is included for a quick and easy installation.

How to install:

- Make sure the group head is cold, machine is switched off and if plumbed to water mains, turn off water mains tap. 

- Remove the hexagonal screw on top of the E61 Group Head.

- Screw in the main part of the thermometer, making sure that the copper washer is installed.

- Push in the thermometer as far in as it will go and tighten both nuts with the wrench included.

- Turn on machine water mains and try to make a coffee with blind filter - check for leaks - tighten if necessary.

Compatible with:

- Most E61 Group Heads w/ M6 thread

- Vibiemme


- Rocket

- Faema

- Pavoni

- Bezzera

- Isomac


Dimensions 37mm (W) x 61mm (H)
LCD display size 20mm (W) x 7.5mm (D)
Display Celsius or Fahrenheit readings
Accuracy    ±2℃   80℃-120℃
Battery LR44
    Coffee Sensor E61 Grouphead Thermometer
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