Futurmat F3


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Futurmat F3
The new Futurmat F3 balances form and function as never before seen on an espresso machine. The rounded body lines and aluminium alloy side panels combine with features such as the one-touch programmable hot water outlet and ergonomically designed non-slip filter handles and steam taps.
Heavy-duty, touch-sensitive key pad operation. Choice of one or two regular, or half-cups, at the touch of a button. The key pads are used to program the machine
Prepare teas, soups, etc. with the hot water outlet. The dose can be electronically programmed so that the desired quantity of water is obtained at the touch of a pad
Water and steam pressure are continuously monitored and controlled. Two independent gauges indicate boiler and motor pump pressure
All the metal parts in the service area are made of the highest quality stainless steel. They are heavy-duty and easy-to-clean. The body panels have been treated with a highly resistant two-coat metal paint process
The two stainless steel steam arms rotate to deliver an easily controlled steam supply for making quality cappuccinos
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